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Workshops Will Be Held at the 2020 CAT FM Home and Garden Show & Sale at the Nez Perce County Fair Pavillion. 

We have very limited space, so please

Sign Up at the bottom of this page to secure your spot! 

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Saturday March 21st - 11:00am   &

Sunday March 22nd - 12:30pm


Come and plant your very own fairy garden and learn how to care for it! Great for kids. We only charge per fairy garden, so if a parent or grandparent would like to bring a child, there will only be one workshop charge. The workshop includes a container, soil, and your choice of plants. Anything you would like extra can be added on at that time. You will receive a 25% off all of our fairy garden accessories and get coupons for our store.

Saturday March 21st - 1:00pm   &

Sunday March 22nd - 2:30pm


Start your early crops with us! During this workshop we will go over the basics to being successful in your own garden- with topics such as: times of year to plant, germination, fertilization, watering and much more. Bring your questions! We will have early garden plant seeds for you to choose and plant ! Choose your own quantities and varieties of things such as:cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, lettuce, spinach, kale, onions, swiss chard, peas, cilantro, basil, etc. 24 plants for $15 or 48 plants for $20. Also receive coupons to our store! 

Saturday March 21st - 3:00pm &

Sunday March 22nd - 10:30pm


Plant your own mixed succulent arrangement! We will have many different containers for you to choose from, ranging in size from 4"-12". You will also get 3 succulent plants of your choice, soil and rock. If you would like to add more succulents to your container, you just pay $2.99 for each additional plant. We will also go into basic care to keep them looking their best! You will also receive coupons for our store!

Admission to the CAT FM Home and Garden Show & Sale is $3 or 2 cans of food and a discount coupon that can be found at

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