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Valentines Day Gifts

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Aloe You Vera Much
Aloe Vera Plant with a personalized gift tag in a 4" white ceramic container.
$ 14.99
Rustic Trunk 
11+ Succulents Planted in a metal trunk container. 
$ 64.99
Succulent Gift Box
Three Succulents in this adorable gift box, with your personalized gift tag.
$ 22.99
Rustic Bird House 
6+ Succulents planted in this cute birdhouse container.
$ 44.99
Bath Bomb & Succulent
Personalized Gift Box
Will come complete with a bath bomb and succulent in this personalized gift box!
$ 22.99
Large Drawer
15+ Succulents planted in a wooden drawer container.
$ 74.99
Cactus Planted in a small white container. 
$ 12.99
Great for
Office Gifts!
Succulent Wicker Basket
5 Colorful Succulents Planted in this Wicker/Metal Container
$ 34.99
Succulent Gift Box
One Succulent Plant in this adorable gift box, with your own personalized  gift tag.
$ 12.99
Let's Grow Old Together
Spider Plant in a 5" Red Ceramic Container.
$ 14.99
Milk Can 
5+ Succulents in a metal Milk Can Container
$ 36.99
Rustic Tin 
7+ Succulents planted in this rustic, green tin planter.
$ 44.99
You Grow Girl
Spider Plant in a red ceramic container with your personalized gift tag.
$ 14.99
Succulent Gift Bowl
9+ Succulents planted in this metal gift bowl
$ 54.99
Succulent Clippings
15, 25 or 50 succulent clippings in a cute bakery bag with your own personalized gift tag.
15 Clippings
25 Clippings
50 Clippings
$ 31.99
Concrete Chevron
Three succulents in a white concrete container.
$ 24.99
Succulent Gift Bowl
12+ Succulents Planted in this rustic metal bowl container
$ 69.99
Rustic Tin 
12+ Succulents planted in this yellow tin planter. 
$  69.99
I Prick You To Be My Valentine
Cactus Planted in a pink ceramic container with a ribbon and your personalized gift tag. 
$ 12.99
Clippings Arrangement
Unrooted clippings arranged in this cute rock planter.
Large Chevy Pot
5 Succulents planted in this white concrete chevron container.