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Proven Winners 2020 Annual of the Year!

Proven Winners has named the Diamond Euphorbia Collection as this years National Annual of the Year! The Diamond Collection is known for it's heat and drought tolerance, airy white blooms and easy care. They look great as stand alones or in mixed containers. My favorite part...they are self cleaning - no dead heading needed! All of the varieties in this collection are similar, but vary slightly in bloom size, shape and growth habit. Starting from the left, here are the different varieties and their growth habits:

Euphorbia Diamond Frost - grows 8" tall with an 18" spread

Euphorbia Diamond Mountain - grows 6" tall with a 36" spread

Euphorbia Diamond Snow - grows 8" tall with an 18" spread.

We are growing all three varieties this year and will have them available when we open in April.

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